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A friend referred me to Rodger Sadowsky, when he had become frustrated with the web developer he’d been working with continued to be unable to keep their eCommerce site up and running. Seems their site had been neglected and updates to WordPress and it’s themes & plugins, had left their site unusable.

While it was no small task, I was able to recover most of their original site and bring into a current instance of WordPress. Once we got them running again, we worked together to update the overall look and feel, as well as adding some new functions and features.

I continue to keep the software updated, as well as regular back-ups. No one wants to go through all that again!

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The Grizzled Wizard: Complete rebuild of website

Left languishing, the site was out of date and eventually stopped functioning. We started from scratch to get their site back online and added functionality such as being able to upload images by simply sending an email. The image shows up automatically on the homepage, without having to log into the back end of WordPress at all.

We also added a live facebook feed so new content is constantly being added to the site – which is very good for SEO.

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HazardFactory was originally using third party services to schedule their classes and events, and to process payments. These services cost money with every single transaction.

We were able to set up a complete event reservation system, and accept payment, securely, directly on their own website. This almost tripled HazardFactory’s income within 6 months of the launch of the new site.

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Web of Dreams: a simple blog site

The Web of Dreams is a large scale, collaborative art piece I dreamed up in 2013. This simple blog site helped spread the word about our project, recruit new “hookers” and promote our fund raising efforts. The Web of Dreams was set up at the Seattle Maker Faire, Georgetown Carnival and Burning Man several times now.