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From Roger Sadowsky

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I have had a website since the 90′ s and have dealt with several developers over the years. Recently, our website, which was created only two years ago at considerable expense, imploded and became non-functional. As I did not want to deal with the developer who did our site, we searched and through word of mouth, discovered Zoey Platt.

Zoey came through for us and is incredible. She rescued our failing site to keep it functioning until she was able to create a complete new website for us. She was wonderful and built a very strong “back end” to our site to keep it secure. Her redesign of our site was a huge improvement over our original site.

Zoey was absolutely wonderful to work with and she is the most talented web developer I have ever worked with. I cannot say enough good things about her and her work. I highly recommend her!

Roger Sadowsky
President Sadowsky Giutars

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From Chuck Woodbury

For more than 15 years, Zoey has helped manage my websites, doing everything from creating a totally new site, to improving others, to troubleshooting. She has saved me from disaster countless times.

She’s always advised me on new and better ways to do things, and then picked up the ball and done what was necessary to put those suggestions into action.

Zoey can wear many hats, and I think I, for one, have taken advantage of most of them.

After all the years, I consider Zoey a friend. I highly recommend her to anyone who is looking for someone talented, dependable and trustworthy to do what they need done, and do it right.

I can’t recall her ever letting me down. She’s a good person, and very talented.

Chuck Woodbury, editor and publisher, etc.